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Smokin’ Oyster Brewery, known by locals as S.O.B., was established in 1997. Since the first oysters on the half shell where served many have enjoyed the Island atmosphere and the live entertainment on the outside porch of the renovated Florida home.

When you go to S.O.B. you will notice a small boat behind the bar. It was originally thought it could be used in case of a hurricane to escape with some of the delicious crabs, island bread, or hamburgers prepared fresh daily. However, now it is much more useful displaying the many bottled beers, wines and liquors used to make fabulous tropical drinks (which, all need to be saved along with the seafood bucket at the time of a flood – basically we need a bigger boat!)

It is easy to see memorabilia indicating many visitors from the States as well as internationally covering the walls in the Smokin’ Oyster Brewery. But, what is even better is hearing the laughter and seeing the smiling faces of friends we see on a regular basis as well as meeting those who have come for their first time. While you are at S.O.B. we try always to service with the motto, “Happiness is Great Food, Good Drink and Good Friends, Find them all at the S.O.B.”


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